Peachfaced Lovebird agapornis rosecollis

Masked Lovebird agapornis personatus

Fischers Lovebird agapornis fischeri

Abyssinian lovebird agapornis taranta

Black Cheeked Lovebird agapornisnig nigrigenis

Nyasa Lovebird agaspornis lilianae

Madagascar Lovebird   agapornis Cana

Red faced lovebird agapornis pullarius

Black-Collared Lovebird agapornis swindernianus





JUDGE- to be confirmed

How to find us

Directions to the show venue

The venueis 7 miles south of Stratford on Avon on the B439 towards Evesham, on entering the village you come to a roundabout and take the third exit and the fire station is on the right with pleanty of parking to the rear, If coming from the evesham direction it is the first exit on the same roundabout.

If you are coming from the Birmingham direction area then you will come on to the A435 from the M42 down past Redditch and Studley, then at the roundabout entering Alchester take the 3rd exit on the bypass and follow untill the third roundabout, take the first exit for Bidford then follow as above



New membership sectrerary from 2014, for address to send subs to please see the bottom of this page, these can also be done at the lovebird society table at the stafford sales days in march, july and october, we are always ready to talk anything lovebird related to members and non members at these events.

The lovebird society runs the lovebird and parrotlike section of the 'National' at the october stafford show run by the parrot society, entry is free and you can enter on the day but would prefer knowing if you are coming to ensure we have enough space, it would be nice to see a lot more of the parrotlike species there as there is normally several prizes for the best birds like 'Guardian angel' tonic and bird seed.

One item of interest that came from the AGM was the use of outside drinkers on showcages, an appropriate drinker has been found and agreed upon (see pic left) it has be in introduced to be used on existing show cages.

These drinkers cost 30p each from

Simons Exclusive

396, Ashley Road, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset. BH14 OAA. U.K.
Tel: 01202 730221 Fax: 01202 380600
Mobile: 07768 285 713

Lovebird Forum

The Lovebird1990Society will be moderating a lovebird section on the forum website featheredflyer which is for all lovebird keepers not just members to have a chat, ask questions and help others by answearing their quieries about anything lovebird related

The society has also started linking to other lovebird societys

The Belgium Lovebird Society or BVA

Agapornis Breeders and Exhibiters-International who have invited two of our judges to judge at their show in 2013


The Formation of the Lovebird(1990)Society  

(subcriptions at foot of page)

The Lovebird (1990) Society was formed as a result of one mans fruitless search for a specialist society for lovebird fanciers, during his early years with peach faced lovebirds when he needed help which his local CBS was unable to provide, the publication of his letter in ‘Cage & Aviary Birds’ on 26th September1989 made it clear that a specialist society was badly needed, but at the time did not exist.

As a result, an inaugural meeting was arranged at the National Exhibition on the 10th December 1989. Rules and a subscription were agreed, based on an anticipated membership of 25 to 30 in the first year.

‘Cage & Aviary Birds’ reported the society’s formation on the 6th January 1990 and the commentator on the Scottish National welcomed the society’s formation.

At the first AGM membership had reached 240, covering the whole spectrum of the fancy from individuals with one or two ‘pet’ birds to large scale breeders and exhibiters and in all parts of Great Britain, including Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands, with a sprinkling of overseas members.

The keepers and breeders of the rarer Agapornis species are well represented and the society is developing breeding schemes for Nyasa lovebirds and other rare species. these projects are aimed at making this country free from imported birds.

The society news letter, first published in February 1990 contains a variety of material, from short articles to special offers, and included lists of surplus and needed birds, six issues were issued each year. The first public appearance of the society was at The Parrot Society’s spring exhibition and sales day at Picketts Lock, Enfield on Easter Monday 1990. Whenever possible the society mounts club tables at exhibitions.

Many show organising clubs support our society by applying for patronage for their shows. Over 30 patronages were granted in 1990, with over 100 rosettes awarded in open competition, in 1991 despite limiting awards to members of the society the demand for patronage increased. The society introduced its own closed rings in 1991.

Improvements in communication between lovebird fanciers had been the first aim of the society from the outset, the society ‘Advice line’ is extensively used, providing a line between the experienced and inexperienced fancier. The ‘Sales and Wanted’ lists in the news letter regularly match buyers and sellers, even for the rarer species and particular mutations.

A show classification and a standard show cage has been agreed, discussion of the common names for colour mutations has began. The show standard of the peach faced lovebird began to be discussed in December 1990 and a judge’s seminar was arranged for 6th July 1990.

In the early stages of its history the general organisation and administration of the new society required o good deal more attention than is needed in a long established organisation, choosing suppliers and designs of rosette, consideration of broach badges etc. are obvious examples. More ambitious projects underway include the production of videos on aspects of lovebird keeping. Most important of all the committee is anxious that the society should serve the needs of its members, if you have ideas as to what is needed then let the secretary or any member of the committee know alternatively email using the following link:-

The Lovebird (1990) Society

To contact the society (except for membership) please email on the above link

To download a drawing of a lovebird society stantard showcage click here


To join the society the subcriptions are UK- Single =£10, Junior (under 16) =£Free, Partnership =£15, Overseas single membership(inclusive of airmail)=£15. Subscriptions due on 1st January each year

Payment in sterling and all cheques payable to 'The Lovebird (1990) Society'

please contact Membership Officer-

Brian Easey.

9 College gardens



PE15 8lf


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